🐧 One more repository with f*cking dot files...
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Samuel FORESTIER 6d1972b699 [SUBLIME TEXT] Some Package Control (automatic) styles (again)... 1 month ago
.config [SUBLIME TEXT] Some Package Control (automatic) styles (again)... 1 month ago
.dotfiles Let's correctly lint those shell instructions in README... 1 year ago
.ssh [OPENSSH] Removes `UseRoaming` option, "recently" deprecated 1 month ago
.bashrc Removes usages of Most, Figlet & CowSay + Sets Bat as default pager 2 years ago
.editorconfig Don't force newline insertion on minified Web assets 7 months ago
.gitconfig Let's (Git) track again sources files' UNIX permissions 1 year ago
.nanorc Let's try something with git 4 years ago
.p10k.zsh Enables Python VirtualEnv handling at the P10K level 1 year ago
.zshrc [ZSH] Catches any "base" User.JS scripts retrieval error 4 months ago