:penguin: One more repository with f*cking dot files...
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Samuel FORESTIER 6164a37031 Replaces `ll` macro by `supercrabtree/k` plugin 2 weeks ago
.config Publishes Archey4 config file 1 month ago
.dotfiles Update '.dotfiles/README.md' 2 months ago
.ssh Explicits `StrictHostKeyChecking` within SSH client configuration 1 month ago
.bashrc First move from BASH to ZSH :ok_hand: 11 months ago
.editorconfig Indents LUA source code with spaces please ! #SimpleConkyScript 6 months ago
.gitconfig New Git identity ! 1 year ago
.nanorc Let's try something with git 1 year ago
.zshrc Replaces `ll` macro by `supercrabtree/k` plugin 2 weeks ago