🐧 One more repository with f*cking dot files...
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Samuel FORESTIER 1f74d25989
[SSH] Disables `CheckHostIP` for github.com
2 months ago
.config [SUBLIME TEXT] Mariana color scheme path changed 2 months ago
.dotfiles Let's correctly lint those shell instructions in README... 3 years ago
.ssh [SSH] Disables `CheckHostIP` for github.com 2 months ago
.bashrc Removes usages of Most, Figlet & CowSay + Sets Bat as default pager 3 years ago
.editorconfig [EDITORCONFIG] Prefers space indentation for Rust sheets 5 months ago
.gitconfig [GIT] Enables `fetch.prune` option 1 year ago
.nanorc [NANO] Replaces `justifytrim` by new `trimblanks` option 11 months ago
.p10k.zsh Enables Python VirtualEnv handling at the P10K level 3 years ago
.zshrc [ZSH] Improves Arkenfox update procedure 10 months ago