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  Samuel FORESTIER d635ed6fd9 [TERMINATOR] Don't enable broadcasting group by default (!) 2 weeks ago
  Samuel FORESTIER d30be54239 Versions latest Sublime Text configuration 3 weeks ago
  Samuel FORESTIER e920944616 Updates Archey configuration file for v4.8.0 3 weeks ago
  Samuel FORESTIER c06c2bf8de Don't force newline insertion on minified Web assets 3 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER e08d5711f5 Drastically improves `htop` looking 4 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 178415437f Adds new Sublime Text 3 plugins 5 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 6f43d94480 Updates Archey configuration file for v4.7.2 5 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER db2777e09e (finally) Publishes full Sublime Text 3 configuration files 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 540e16bcfe Updates Archey configuration file for v4.7.1 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER d5a4936938 Enables Python VirtualEnv handling at the P10K level 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 5a24e60dca Let's correctly lint those shell instructions in README... 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 1e0f0d8591 Changes our ZSH theme and adds come missing documentation 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 52abbce364 Adds a really missing alias for the `zsh_reload` plugin 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 52da756385 Fixes zsh personal macros behavior on input error 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 9db54658c9 Enables more zsh plugins 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER a0de33059e Publishes a first version for our Terminator configuration 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER c0513c07bc Removes old (now unused) `dpi_scale` Linux-only Sublime Text setting 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 22f78eae35 [ZSH] Optimizes init. and macros, and now relies on packaged fzf 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER b2dca08aab Removes these ugly executable bits on configuration files 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 74175a195f Commits dangling Sublime Text ignored packages list 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 374616bcba Fixes `rmdir` not working anymore due to remaining empty directories 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 936f084267 Updates Archey configuration according to v4.7.0 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER ffaf8af91e Publishes neofetch configuration file 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER defc84582b Are we really doing this... ? 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 3b98bd411b Let's (Git) track again sources files' UNIX permissions 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 68ebdbc220 Fixes ZSH `HIST_STAMPS` datetime format 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 6a6c16c3f1 Cleans and tweaks EditorConfig to deal with ST syntax definitions 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 882ba425c9 Makes Sublime Text display white-space characters 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 5a7a1960ef Updates a deprecated Git configuration option 7 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 344336364b Adds personal Archey4 configuration 9 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER a0b11ea137 Adds personal Sublime Text 3 preferences and updates setup documentation 9 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER cc03877ed6 Removes usages of Most, Figlet & CowSay + Sets Bat as default pager 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER b72d68e899 Makes Git detect copies when performing `diff` operations 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER bccd950e69 Updates LICENSE for 2019 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER d6b7e4d870 Automatically enables colored output of `ip` command 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 6164a37031 Replaces `ll` macro by `supercrabtree/k` plugin 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER a6f2781d2f Publishes Archey4 config file 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 33d0d473c6 Adds `htoprc` 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 86e12095f9 Explicits `StrictHostKeyChecking` within SSH client configuration 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER f0223f1baa Adds SSHFP optional verification to SSH client configuration 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 86584e06b7 Update '.dotfiles/README.md' 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER dd73214f6c Let's (finally) use the full potential of FZF 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 94cc8f29c2 Removes any pre-existing padding in Base64 blobs 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 2a863ee4a7 Let's use `less` pager instead of buggy `most`, while "bat-ting" ! 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER f854149c60 New snippet to handle automatic base64 decoding with extra padding 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 58f3200fa8 Makes ZSH load new CLI tools 2 years ago
  Samuel FORESTIER b5aca54cbf Adds `strsan` handy macro to sluggify given strings 2 years ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 8e947cbbfa Indents LUA source code with spaces please ! #SimpleConkyScript 2 years ago
  Samuel FORESTIER f7113f8c1d Let's be quick, very quick... #infosec++ 2 years ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 35263e6a01 Adds a new useful macro ! #infosec 2 years ago