📝 Samuel's new personal website https://blog.samuel.domains/
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What a personal Jekyll blog 💯

Deploy it locally

Fetch the sources

  1. $ git clone git@git.forestier.app:HorlogeSkynet/blog.git
  2. $ cd blog/

Install requirements

  1. # apt install gem ruby-dev zlib1g-dev
  2. $ gem install --install-dir .gem/ jekyll jemoji jekyll-seo-tag jekyll-sitemap jekyll-redirect-from jekyll-mentions jekyll-paginate-v2

Run the development server

  1. $ export GEM_HOME=".gem/"
  2. $ .gem/bin/jekyll serve
  3. Go to

How to contribute ?

Project architecture

  • Posts are placed under _posts/ folder, and their respective images under _img/ folder

  • Styles and scripts assets are respectively under css/ and js/ folders

Cool stuffs available here

  • Disable comments section per post with :

    comments: false
  • Publish a post as draft (not referenced anywhere) :

    draft: true
    sitemap: false
  • Set a static link to a post or a page (in addition to its default permalink) :

    redirect_from: /my-cool-link
  • Add a reference to a GitHub user profile within a post or a page :

    This is a pretty **cool post** written by @HorlogeSkynet !
  • Create an images gallery :

    {% include gallery.html URIs='your-post-name_1.png;your-post-name_2.jpg;your-post-name_3.jpeg' %}
  • Add a video withing an <iframe> tag :

    {% include video.html URL='https://your.video.provider/video_id' %}
  • Add a music from SoundCloud or Spotify :

    {% include soundcloud.html track_id='your_track_id' %}
    <!-- ... -->
    {% include spotify.html track_id='your_track_id' %}
  • Add a right-padding to a FontAwesome icon (automatically left-padded) :

    <i class="fas fa-forward right"></i>


This website is built upon :

Thanks (again !) to @NAERNON for its wonderful favicon.