📰 A simple RSS feeds generation for YouTube entities https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/YouTube-RSS
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A simple RSS feeds generation for YouTube entities


Initially, the web has been thought decentralized.
With PUSH notifications and so on, old users may forget about that whereas new users usually don’t know a thing about it.
Maybe they will definitely die soon but currently RSS feeds are still really handy to stay up to date (when the publisher supports it of course).

If you don’t have a Google account anymore, it’s difficult to subscribe to YouTube channels and receive notifications when a new video is uploaded.
RSS feeds can help you walk around this issue.

The problem is : YouTube (Google [Alphabet]) voluntary hides those links from people for some time now.
You may think that’s because they don’t handle RSS feeds anymore, but that’s not the case.
It’s still possible to retrieve notifications this way, but you just have to know the way the links.

As I was bored to manually forge new links, here is a script to automatically generate them.

It’s currently possible to detect and “build” links for :

  • Users
  • Channels
  • Play-lists

It’s modular, so don’t worry about a new entity arriving anytime soon (or an upstream format change).


  • python3



git clone https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/YouTube-RSS.git


python3 youtube_rss.py -h

# Simple RSS feed generation from passed links
python3 youtube_rss.py https://www.youtube.com/user/thinkerview https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQgWpmt02UtJkyO32HGUASQ

# You can pipe a list of links directly to the script
cat test/test_cases.txt | python3 youtube_rss.py --read-stdin


As I didn’t found out the link formats on my own, here is where they come from.
So thanks to Timo van Neerden for sharing !

You may wanna check out rsstube, a BASH-only script supporting additional RSS providers and features.


If you wanna share your changes / improvements, please contact me.