:bar_chart: A simple Conky script entirely built in LUA
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Horloge's Desktop


# Debian example procedure
sudo aptitude install conky-all hddtemp lm-sensors lsb-release wget x11-utils luarocks
sudo luarocks install luaposix
sudo sensors-detect --auto
sudo systemctl enable --now hddtemp.service

# Universal section
mkdir ~/.conky/
cd ~/.conky/
git clone https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/SimpleConkyScript.git


$ conky -c ~/.conky/SimpleConkyScript/conky.lua

Frequently asked questions

How can I (easily) tweak it to fit with my configuration ?

In the top of the script.lua file, you may wanna change global objects and constants so as to to make Conky fit your screen, and your hardware configuration.
In the conky.lua file, you’ll find the Conky’s settings. You’d want to tweak them if you are running a different window manager than mine (which is likely the case).
For custom file paths and specific commands, you should just get into the affected functions (too bad, you and me surely don’t have the same laptop / OS :frowning:) by reading error log in the console :wink:

How can I add (or remove) elements from the screen ?

Go to the end of the file (the penultimate function), and here you’ll see each element currently loaded. You already know what you have to do to remove one (or many) of them, and in order to add one of yours, you’ll only have to create a new object like the ones in the header, and call a generic function with your new object as parameter !
Of course, you can contact me, I’d be pleased to help you building your own script.

How can I get the same background image ?

There it is !

My hard disk temperature is not displayed !

Yeah it happens sometimes when the hddtemp daemon is not properly configured.

Just run (and leave almost each entry with their default value) :

# dpkg-reconfigure hddtemp


  • To NAERNON for the code structure, design, and ideas
  • To Nelis Oostens for his clock’s code, and the LUA section of Conky’s wiki