🎮 A configurable Minecraft server (auto-)updater https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/MineSAUP
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A configurable Minecraft Server (Auto-)Updater.


  • python3 (>= 3.6)



git clone https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/MineSAUP.git


python3 minesaup.py --help

# First time you install a Minecraft server ? Sure.
python3 minesaup.py -i /path/to/minecraft.jar

# Wanna preserve the current server binary somehow ? Sure.
python3 minesaup.py -b /path/to/minecraft.jar
file /path/to/minecraft.jar.bak  # A copy of the previous version appeared.

# You need to start/stop your server before/after updating your server ? Sure.
python3 minesaup.py \
	--pre-hook 'systemctl stop minecraft.service' \
	--post-hook 'systemctl start minecraft.service' \

# Always wanna be running the latest Mojang's snapshot version ? Sure !
python3 minesaup.py -s /path/to/minecraft.jar

Of course, exit status codes are consistent for proper script (including CRON) usages.

If the pre-hook fails, the update DOES NOT occur.
If the post-hook fails, the update WOULD NOT be rolled-back