📡 GINPA Is Not a Position Analyst
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📡 GINPA Is Not a Position Analyst 📡

Which dependencies to install ?

  • git = 2.11.0
  • gcc >= 4.9.2
  • SFML >= 2.1
  • CSFML >= 2.1
  • libcurl >= 7.38.0-4
  • libjansson >= 2.7

# aptitude install git gcc libsfml-dev libcsfml-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libjansson-dev

How to get, build and run the project ?

GINPA uses the Static Maps and MAPS Geocoding APIs.
Get a credential here before performing theses steps:

$ git clone https://git.forestier.app/HorlogeSkynet/GINPA.git
$ cd GINPA/
$ chmod +x setUpWorkingEnvironment.sh && ./setUpWorkingEnvironment.sh
$ sed -i 's/AIzaSyBcU1vPg1hRYaMd3eGDIkoUULISuw6wbw8/API_KEY_FOR_STATIC_AND_GEOCODING/g' ./Modele/GMapsAPI.c
$ make && ./bin/Release/GINPA

I've run it, but what can I do with this software ?

We built a pretty cool user manual, give it a try !

Which type of data the project uses ?

GINPA may compute incredible results after having parsed files logs, with lines of the form:


  • tttttttttt represents the number of seconds since Epoch of a point
  • xx.xxxxxx the latitude of a point
  • yy.yyyyyy the longitude of a point

Resources & Acknowledgments

Thanks to Dalton Maag Ltd for its font.
Thanks to Madebyolivier for its icons pack.
Thanks to Guillaume Vareille for its TinyFileDialogs code, which is very useful and easy to use.
Thanks to Freepik for its footprints which inspired the GINPA's logo designed by NAERNON.