10 Commits (master)

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  Samuel FORESTIER 3bc572ecc0 Speeds up RSS feeds generation by removing non-existing attribute access 5 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 9fc2e6b8b7 Relaxes previous REGEXPs to make them match more HTML tags usages 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER a4f115b287 Makes Atom feed honor specifications (see below) 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER f17a8ff361 Cleans RSS feeds and re-provides posts content with Liquid `capture` 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER f9e91d02a4 It looks like Atom specifications are broken, full URL is required 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER e7742d8d1b Adds posts categories to RSS feeds and Blog categories to the Atom one 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER ab3f245eb2 Reworks RSS feeds generation, see details below : 6 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 8d5e84cce1 Forces re-generation of dynamic resources even during incremental build 9 months ago
  Samuel FORESTIER bed1102b02 Replaces `if X == false` by `unless X` 1 year ago
  Samuel FORESTIER 4114cf49c9 Reworks blog Atom feed generation, and now supports JSON feed ­čÄë 1 year ago