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title: "How to install Firefox Quantum on Debian Stretch ?"
date: 2017-11-16
url: how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch
layout: post
category: Tutorials
image: /img/blog/how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch_1.jpg
description: "A quick guide to enjoy Firefox Quantum from APT sources !"

[![A missing blog post image](/img/blog/how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch_1.jpg)](/img/blog/how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch_1.jpg)

Oh ! Guess what ? One more new article about Firefox Quantum !

If you're here, no need to explain why **YOU HAVE TO** upgrade to this new version, right ?
Faster, stronger, lighter and... OMG WE'RE TALKING ABOUT FIREFOX, AREN'T WE ???

BUT, I was a bit disappointed about not being able to install it with APT (even on the latest Debian)... So no more yelling, this is the procedure :

1. First, we'll have to add the `sid` ("Still In Development") repository to our APT sources (actually, I imagine only the next stable version of Debian would have Quantum shipped-in) :
`# echo 'deb sid main contrib non-free' >> /etc/apt/sources.list`

2. Once it's done, just update the packages list :
`# aptitude update`

3. :warning: Dangerous part :warning:
The new Firefox depends on some packages versions not "officially available" in Stretch (list at [the end of the article](#breaking-packages)).
It's very likely that upgrading them actually breaks some other packages...
Be careful and please, **do listen to APT** for once in your life (:stuck_out_tongue:) !
Once you read that, you may run :
`# aptitude install firefox/sid`

4. If everything went fine, and the new Firefox effectively starts, you can consider removing the old one :
`# aptitude remove firefox-esr`

Now, you should have such a configuration :

[![A missing blog post image](/img/blog/how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch_2.png)](/img/blog/how-to-install-firefox-quantum-on-debian-stretch_2.png)

> Whut, 57.0 ? Are you kidding again ? You're so late bro' :confused:
>> Yeah I know, the v58 is already out, but soon we'll get it :rofl:

Enjoy ! :tada: :wave:


However, I advise you to change your APT settings to make the `sid` repository coexist with the others (and avoid a full system upgrade simultaneously :wink:).
To do so, just paste the following into a file named (for instance) `/etc/apt/preferences.d/firefox-with-sid` :

{% highlight config %}
Package: firefox
Pin: release n=sid
Pin-Priority: 500

Package: *
Pin: release n=sid
Pin-Priority: 1
{% endhighlight %}

Now you may enjoy new Firefox versions from `sid`, and "regular" updates like before when you'll run `# aptitude upgrade` ! :ok_hand:


### Breaking packages

* libevent (2.1-6)

* libhunspell (1.6)

* libfontconfig1 (2.12.3)

* libnss3 (2:3.33)

### Sources

Post mainly inspired from [here](

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